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Effort / Validity

Pediatric Neuropsychology
  • Little, S.G., Swangler, J., Akin-Little, A. (2017). Defining Social Skills. Handbook of Social Behavior and Skills in Children. Autism and Child Psychopathology Series. 
  • Little, S.G., Akin-Little, A., Montes, L. & Swangler, J. (in press) Video-based- Behavioral interventions in schools: Evidenced-based. Second Edition, Washington, DC: APA Books 2018. 
  • Thibodaux, L. K., Breiger, D., Bledsoe, J., Sato, J., Hilsman, R., & Paolozzi, A. (2021). Teleneuropsychology: A model for clinical practice. Practice Innovations, 6(3), 189–198. 

Dementia / Alzheimer’s / MCI
  • Phillips-Sabol, J.D., Cruz-Laureano, D., Pineda Olvera, A.E., Williams, B., Westhafer, J.G. (2012).  Pediatric epilepsy surgery: Neuropsychological and psychosocial outcomes. Current Pediatric Reviews, 8(1), 71-76.

Parkinson’s Disease

CFS / Fibromyalgia


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