National Psychometrists Day: May 20th

Know that on Psychometrist Day we’re thinking of you and all the blocks you scramble, timers you click, notes you take, and professionalism you exude as a one of a kind Psychometrist. Thank you for making our organization what it is!

The first National Psychometrist Day was celebrated on May 20th, 1996 at NAP’s first ever conference in Madison, Wisconsin.

Just as nurses, administrative assistants, and teachers are recognized annually for their hard work and dedication, National Psychometrist day is a day designated to recognize our unique profession. Psychometrists possess an extraordinary blend of both interpersonal and analytical skills.  We are on the front lines of data collection, and are taxed with playing a crucial role in the patients’ ability to perform as well as possible while maintaining test standardization. It’s a tough job, but most of us would never dream of doing anything else. National Psychometrist Day is our day to shine!

So, you are probably asking yourself—how do I celebrate National Psychometrist Day? Unfortunately, Hallmark does not sell National Psychometrist Day cards (yet!), but there are plenty of ways that you can thank your favorite psychometrist! New pencils, erasers, rulers, and calculators and other tricks of the trade are traditional gifts. Otherwise, many of us appreciate flowers, chocolate, coffee, and spa gift certificates.

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