An excerpt from the NAP Network Newsletter, June 2005 Edition
“From the beginning of the National Association of Psychometrists (NAP) inception, certification was a topic of interest and discussion. Certification was felt to be beneficial because it is a means whereby psychometrists can objectively and quantitatively define the minimum requirements necessary to competently perform our job. It is important for the advancement of our profession and serves to protect the public. For several years however, the issue was tabled because the task was believed to be too daunting and too expensive to become a reality.”    
–Kim Lindbergh, MS-LPT

An excerpt from NAP Network Newsletter, June 2004 Edition

“Certification became a buzzword when Medicaid/Medicare regulations started threatening non-reimbursement for the use of psychometrists as well as efforts on a state level to limit or prescribe exactly who could/not administer and score tests. As this issue surfaced across the country, NAP’s Board of Directors and general membership decided that it was time to revisit the certification process project.” Thus was born the Psychometry Certification Committee (PCC). 

In 2003, the Psychometry Certification Committee (PCC) was formed in NAP. In 2005, the first Certified Specialist in Psychometry exam was offered. To preserve the reliability and validity of the exam, the PCC separated from NAP to become its own independent and autonomous organization -- the Board of Certified Psychometrists (BCP).  It is the mission of the BCP to "provide a board certification for Psychometrists through continual improvement and administration of a comprehensive examination ensuring verification of knowledge, minimum competence, and enhancement of professional experience."  NAP endorses the Certified Specialist in Psychometry (CSP) designation as the gold standard in psychometry. For more information on how you can become certified, please visit the BCP website

An excerpt from NAP Network Newsletter, September 2005 Edition
“On behalf of the Board of Certified Psychometrists (BCP), we would like to thank the NAP Executive Board for its continual support and advocacy for certification. Without NAP’s sponsorship, certification would have been a very unlikely possibility. Just two years later we have been able to make a reality what many thought would never happen. We cannot disregard NAP’s hand in bringing it to fruition.The BCP is very excited about future collaborations as we continue to strive for setting the bar in the profession.”    
Kate McCarthy

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