PREP stands for Psychometrists Reaching Out & Educating the Public. Much like the acronym suggests, the goal of PREP is to educate others about the field of Psychometry as a profession. The presentation is approximately 30 slides and can be completed in under 45 minutes. It includes a brief overview on both neuropsychology and psychometry.   

If you are a psychometrist and are interested in presenting PREP to a local college or university, please let us know! To request a copy of our standardized PowerPoint presentation, please email a member of our Professional Affairs Committee for more information. On behalf of NAP, we cannot express to you how much we appreciate your interest in this endeavor.

PREP Guide 

What are people saying about PREP?

  • "It was interesting to learn about, and may be a job of interest after grad school."
  • "Presentation went great! Personal examples really helped understanding!"
  • "Very informative and pleasant to listen to and gave plenty of examples and information to help me understand the job fully."
  • "I gained a lot of useful information about psychometry. I had only read an article on the subject, but the presentation was very enlightening."
  • "The presentation was extrememly informative and given in a professional manner."
  • "Very informative. I was able to gain a lot of information on psychometry."

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